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Dr T. H. Edgar
Interactive Media Integration is the integration of audio, video, graphics, animation and text utilising the computer as a control and presentation platform in such a manner to have the potential to significantly enhance the learning and information environment.

If used appropriately, Media Integration allows us to interface with computer based applications using our more natural information acquisition senses of touch, sight and sound, in a way which can provide a flexible insight into subject material with the user being interactively involved in the learning process.

Developments in the multimedia world have been rapid and extraordinary. The type of applications which utilise multimedia is also widening as the technology adds new capabilities. There is a need to refine and maintain the skill base in research and development into multimedia technology and application to ensure that technologists, educators and trainers remain at the forefront of research and development in these related fields.

The Symposium has been designed to enable a wide range of professionals to meet and interact, with the sessions providing an exciting opportunity to network.

It is hoped that the Symposium will act as a catalyst for the identification and discussion of issues which can be used as the basis for developing proposals for a National Agenda for Multimedia.

The quality of papers and presentations is very high, reflecting the outstanding contribution of Australian developers to multimedia technology, providing the opportunity for exposure to new concepts and applications in this exciting technology. The Executive Committee appreciates the efforts of the authors in providing their papers in time for publication in these proceedings.

The papers contained in these proceedings will provide a useful reference for all delegates as well as a useful source of information for those unable to be present.


Dr Harry Edgar, Chairman
Tom Docherty
Associate Professor John Williamson
Associate Professor Colin Latchem
Lexie Henderson-Lancett
Dr Clare McBeath
Charles Lancaster
Cheng Toh
Promaco Conventions, Organisers

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