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Archives of the Australian Society for
Educational Technology

ASET was founded in 1975 and dissolved in 2005. During its 30 year history, ASET and its members promoted educational technology through publications, conferences and local Chapter meetings. Achievements included the founding of the journal AJET in 1985 and conducting the series of biennial EdTech Conferences.

The principal purpose for this archival site, kindly sponsored by ASCILITE and NetSpot, is to preserve the EdTech Conference archives. As ASET no longer exists, contact the Archives Manager if you have any questions or ASET historical contributions.

Former members of ASET thank
ASCILITE and NetSpot Pty Ltd
for sponsoring this archive.

Website memorabilia
Images used on ASET's home page included the Christmas Tree (Nuytsia floribunda) photo (above) by Roger Atkinson, 26 Nov 95, Perth, and the collage (right) by Cameron Nichol and Paul Meulenberg.

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